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About us


Our Mission

With great love and respect, I welcome you with all my heart. In Vedic scriptures planet earth is considered and called as Bhudevi, `Prithvi Mata`. This word in itself is very significant and carries a whole lot of weightage without support of which Human Race and this entire ecological system of earth would not sustain. Mother Earth provides and supports our physical existence be it under sea or on earth, life sustains and exists due to it. The mechanism and procedure whereby we use Mother Earth for evolution of human race and its development comes under Real Estate.

That’s the reason why Real Estate is called Real Estate, because it is real, tangible in nature, means you can see it, feel it and touch it. So, in great Reverence and honor towards mother earth we understand that Real Estate is something which is connected or related to Earth. Any development on land, be it vertical or horizontal in nature is considered as a part of Real Estate. Further it is vast term and platter of Real Estate services is wide enough, Starting from residential to commercial, industrial, Agricultural, IT Space , Hospitality and facility services designed and allotted for Medical, Educational services as well.

Our Vision

Real Estate in itself is vast and is mainly divided further into two categories as consultancy services and another one as development of infrastructure and buildings. Infact any infrastructure of state or country developed in that region is actually a part of real estate development. Therefore, to honor this auspicious connection and to provide assistance for growth of real estate sector and to make it accessible to every common man of our society/country and to
serve the armed forced personnel’s SGM enterprises has been formed.

Each letter has a special meaning S Stands for Shree which means goddess Laxmi. G Stands for Gurudeva which is our own indwelling self or guru in form of soul and M Stands for Mahaveeraya i.e Our beloved powerful Bhagwan Hanuman. So, in short company having its aim catering services for prospering prosperity through real estate.


Thus, we hereby seek blessings of Bhu devi, Sri Devi (Godess Laxmi) and to honor this flow of energy being reflected in our ancient scriptures we have chosen Sri chakra as our company logo. Sri Chakra is actually a pictorial representation of entire universe in itself as Sri Mata. `Goddess of universe`. May this thought of progress and development which is actually a sacred science and service towards human evolution grow and and evolve more through Real Estate, may we stand high in our motto of achieving standard services for growth of society and Nation. May we all grow and prosper. May we all find our inner peace , may we all be blessed by inner dwelling Gurudeva. May this energy protect us and enable us to achieve milestones through service with full devotion and enthusiasm.

May we all be blessed by divine grace and be protected and nourished through it. OM SHANTI !!!